Welcome to the Animal Patrol Relationship Fanon Wiki

Welcome to the Animal Patrol RelationShip Wiki. We allow all couples here including AnimalXAnimal, AnimalXOC, HumanXHuman, HumanXOC, and OCXOC. And you can make stories that involves pairs to. (ONLY!!)


No inappropriate stories.

2.No bashing gay, lesbian, or bisexual Animals/couples.(But they can be in Friendship Parings). This is hurtful to the owners of the story/couple.

3.No: "DELETE STRIKE!", "No, just no, delete it.", "That story was horrible", "I hate this, delete it!" People have something called Feelings, which makes you hurt them.

4.No Swearing/cursing at users, Swearing is an unnecessary thing which will get you blocked for

5.No scary stories, those belong on the Creepypasta Wiki

6.No spamming on pages.

7.No un Animal Patrol related stories.

8. Don't bash couples, no matter how bad they are. You can like your own couples, just don't comment on other pages saying how you don't like the ship or say you like another one better!

9. Please don't ask to be an admin. Another one of our affiliated wikis had this problem due to users who didn't deserve it.

10. Do not use other people's characters or artwork without asking their consent first. Proper credit is needed for other people's artwork, it's rude to use it without their knowledge.

13 no spamming in the chat room or anywhere else on the wiki

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